Top 5, or Maybe 3 Best Physical Therapy Moments on TV/Movies


Here is the follow-up to the Top 5 Worst Physical Therapy Moments on TV/Movies!

As you’ll see, I could only find 3 really positive TV/Movie moments that do not set our profession back.  We talk about “brand” all the time….this is at least part of the problem.


#3. Regarding Henry – Bradley

I told you he would be on both lists.  Whatever you think of his techniques (they certainly are not evidenced-based), he showed empathy and promoted functional improvement.


#2 -Tourniquet Training – Johnny Owens

Leave it to the Army to do something this cool.  It will be fun to watch this technique play out.  I don’t know that it will have much indication in most civilian therapy clinics, but it is interesting.

#1.  Kobe’s Secret Weapon – Jody Seto

A great story about PTs presence in sports and the ability to keep someone as demanding as Kobe at the top of his game for as long as he could be.


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