Top 5 Worst Physical Therapy Moments in TV/Movies


Although not well represented, Physical Therapy has had its place in pop culture.  Generally, PTs are in the background watching someone exercise or walking with them, but a few exceptions show the compassion and excellence that PT can provide.  However, there are some funny moments that probably set our profession back a decade. Here are 5 of the worst offending moments:

Honorable Mention:  Mike Reinold & Erson Religioso Too Funny.


Drum Roll, Please


#5.  Seinfeld – “It Moved”

Although, technically a massage therapy moment, it did happen in the confines of a PT practice.  A funny look at how uncomfortable it can be and the need for proper communication.

#4.  Regarding Henry – Bradley

Bradley is a tough one, because he may be included on the top 5 best also.  However, walking through the hall saying “I got to get me some of that” about nurses is probably a bad representation.

#3  Hard to Kill – Danny

I mean, come on…Gut from Stone Cold ?  First, a fanny pack?  Second, “I’m going to make you feel alright?”  Yikes, I am sure the folks at somasimple cringe at that.  The worst part:  Not listening to your patient, throw subjective report right out the window.  Lesson to any therapist: listen to your patient, and you may not be shot by goons of corrupt politicians.  “You can take that to the bank.” Sorry for the language

#2 – Seinfeld Again – Delicate Genius

$150 for a missed appointment….man those were the good ol’ days.  “No one can disturb the delicate genius”  Seinfeld put PT in the popular culture….but not the best type.  “You do have insurance don’t you?”

#1 (With a Bullet) – According to Jim – Physical Therapy

I don’t think I need to explain.


Stay tuned for the Top 5 Best Physical Therapy Moments in TV/Movies






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